Dental technology is constantly evolving. With each new tool, it’s simpler for us to provide superior care that is comfortable for our patients. At the same time, these advances allow us to deliver even more precise, satisfying, and fast-healing results. Laser dentistry is an especially exciting development. Dental lasers improve on the abilities of standard dental tools, making treatment less stressful and more effective.

Denmat SOL® Diode Laser

Traditional dental tools accomplish necessary tasks, but their capabilities aren’t always ideal. Soft tissue procedures can often result in healing time and patient discomfort. The SOL soft tissue laser manipulates gum tissue while limiting bleeding, pain, and risk of infection. As SOL’s applications are incredibly diverse, we’ve grouped them into several categories:

  • SOL laser gingivectomy before and afterCosmetic – A perfect smile is the result of a balance between teeth and gums. Many patients have aesthetic issues that lead to the gums being either too prominent or lacking. Gummy smiles expose an excess of gum and minimize the teeth. Those with receding gums have overly toothy smiles that require additional coverage. Whether removing small amounts of tissue or placing a gum graft, the SOL laser is helpful in correcting cosmetic problems.
  • Periodontal - Patients struggling with periodontal disease will see a changed gum line. The excess plaque in the area can cause tissue to swell, grow, and obscure the teeth. This is both aesthetically problematic and unhealthy. SOL allows Dr. Golos to remove excess tissue and return their gums to their earlier, disease-free state.
  • General – Countless sources of discomfort or displeasure can be tackled with the SOL laser. Canker sores, other growths, and any unwanted tissue can be quickly and tidily removed. The laser is also indispensable in preparing areas of your mouth for crowns. Because a diode laser helps minimize bleeding, it reduces healing time and lowers the chance of future infection. SOL is useful in nearly every soft tissue procedure.