Post Operative Instructions For Endodontic Therapy (Root Canal)

Your root canal therapy is now completed. The canal or canals inside the tooth have been cleaned and sealed. Nature must now have time to repair the damage the original irritant

The tooth may be tender for several days but usually begins to subside about 48 hours following treatment. If you can tolerate Aspirin or Aspirin-like products, 2 regular strength Advil (or any IBUPROFEN product) every 6 hours, will usually relieve the symptoms. If you cannot tolerate Aspirin or Aspirin-like products, try Tylenol. Tenderness to bite or pressure on the tooth is normal and may take several months to resolve.

If you experience pain or swelling, please contact our office immediately. THIS IS NOT A NORMAL PART OF THE HEALING PROCESS AND MAY BE A SIGN OF A FLARE-UP RESULTING IN THE NEED FOR ANTI-INFLAMMATORIES AND/OR ANTIBIOTICS. If this occurs please call our office immediately and have the phone number of your pharmacy handy.

Do not chew on the tooth until your dentist has permanently restored the tooth. Although the root or roots are permanently sealed, the outer surface is filled with a temporary filling which may last up to 6 weeks. Waiting longer than 6 weeks to replace the temporary filling will result in leakage of the filling and recontamination of the root canal system. If this happens, the root canal treatment will have to be redone.

Please feel free to contact our office if you have any questions. (604)951-8001

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